Creative Fighters Guild
Group Contact: Trevor Clarkson
Phone: 604-278-6663 

Sport-Art Taekwondo Club 
Group Contact: Benny Wong
Phone: 604-277-2848

Steveston Judo Club 

Karate Go Ju Ryu Steveston
Group Contact: Takishi Uchiage
Phone: 604-272-4660

Steveston Kendo Club 

Taoist Tai Chi Society 
Group Contact: Jim Nicolson
Phone: 604-681-6609

Iaido Japanese Swordsmanship
Group Contact: Jeff Nadeau
Phone: 604-520-6068

Karate Go Ju Ryu Womens Only Steveston
Group Contact: Hidemi Uchiage
Phone: 604-272-4660

Karate Kyokushin South Arm
Group Contact: Stuart Corrigal
Phone: 604-271-5382

Karate Kyokushin Sea Island
Group Contact: Tony
Phone: 604-277-3898

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